Secrets & Lies

A taut psychological thriller; a nerve wracking plunge behind the curtains of suburbia. Ben is an everyday family man who finds the body of a four year old boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect. 

About Secrets & Lies

Murdered four-year-old boy Thom Murnane (Hunter Stratton Boland) lived in Ben’s street with his single mother, Jess (Adrienne Pickering).  The residents of pleasantly ordinary Blackwood Crescent have been readying for Christmas, but are instead struck still by the death of a boy who’ll never open his presents.

For housepainter Ben Gundelach (Martin Henderson), things rapidly go from bad to worse, and his outwardly unremarkable life quickly turns upside-down.  The police find no immediate evidence pointing to Thom’s murderer, and Ben is shocked to discover that suspicion is falling on him.  Inscrutable Homicide Detective Ian Cornielle (Anthony Hayes) doesn’t have enough evidence to lay charges yet, but it’s crystal clear that Ben is becoming the prime suspect.

Plainclothes cops watch Ben constantly.  His once affable neighbours now turn away and close their doors.  News journalists hover in the sweltering Christmas time heat like carrion crows, snapping up every bit of gossip and twisting Ben’s confused anger into tacit guilt.  Ben loses all his house painting work, and no new clients are accepting his quotes.  Worst of all, his already strained relationship with his wife Christy (Diana Glenn) threatens to snap; their house is turned upside-down by forensic police, and their older daughter, Tasha (Philippa Coulthard), begins receiving online hate messages.  Ben protests his innocence, but no one seems to believe him except his youngest daughter Eva (Piper Morrissey), who is almost as torn up as Ben by the family tension.

Under the watchful eye of Detective Ian Cornielle, Ben’s quiet suburban life begins to unravel. Ben struggles to deal with the fact that he’s the prime suspect in Thom’s murder. And that people believe he could be guilty. The question is – could Ben have done it?

Secrets & Lies is a new six part, one hour television crime thriller from award winning and multiplatform production company HOODLUM Pty Ltd.